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Fic: Dancing with Air Master Post.

Title: Dancing with Air
Type: Crossover, slash
Word Count: 19,000~ words
Rating: Teen
Characters/Paring: Neku/Joshua, Arthur/Eames, Team Death and the Dream Team
Warnings: slash and some kidnapping/drugging
Summary:The Angels are secretive, and Eames is used as a tool. Joshua is in love and Neku has become pretty good at games. And Arthur? Arthur wants the hell out of Shibuya.
A/N: A big thank you to my artist and Domi, who without her, this would never have come about. And also, to neoncitylights because that's where I got the idea.

Now, please excuse any quotation mark, paragraphing and apostrophe errors. I had a lot of trouble with file corruption.

Part I
(Where hearts get broken)

Part II
(Where the rules are told)

Part III
(Where games are played)

Part IV
(Where things might actually turn out alright)

Art Master Post
Tags: dancing with air, fandom: inception
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